Tripsoft Studio is a rapidly growing producer and publisher of mobile games. Tripsoft is a Studio under Trip Technology Investment Joint Stock Company, established in 2018. After 5 years of operation and development, we are still one of the leading units, always eager to bring the best quality products to satisfy gamers' passion! Tripsoft continues to strive for development in both quantity and quality to provide users with the best applications and games. After 5 years, from a small Studio with only 15 members, Tripsoft has grown to over 60 young, experienced, creative, and highly skilled members. With a professional and friendly business style, we have created hundreds of outstanding applications and games. Tripsoft always receives high praise and satisfaction from customers and partners.

Founded on June 6, 2018, Trip Technology Investment Joint Stock Company has gone through 5 years of formation and development. With a passionate and cohesive leadership team, enthusiastic and professional staff, distinctive corporate culture, and a history of stable growth, Trip Technology Investment Joint Stock Company has consistently affirmed itself as one of the leading units in the field of producing and developing mobile games.


Tripsoft is a specialized unit in the production and development of mobile games. With the rapid development of mobile technology, mobile gaming has become a promising and attractive industry. Our company focuses on creating diverse, innovative, and engaging games to provide players with excellent entertainment experiences on their mobile phones.

We not only focus on beautiful graphics and immersive sound but also aim to build deep storylines and engaging gameplay. Our team at TripsSoft is passionate and creative, constantly researching and applying the latest advanced technology to deliver high-quality games that meet the increasingly diverse entertainment needs of players.

Tripsoft always prioritizes player satisfaction. We continuously research and apply the most advanced technology to bring exciting games while creating a safe and friendly gaming environment. By focusing on developing high-quality games, Tripsoft hopes to provide players with unique and innovative experiences and constantly innovate to meet the increasingly diverse entertainment needs of players. By creating addictive and dramatic games, Tripsoft aims to bring moments of relaxation and excitement to players in the virtual world. With passion and creativity, we are committed to continue developing and delivering amazing games to the global gaming community.

We are committed to constantly improving the quality of our products and creating a vibrant online gaming environment, connecting players with each other and fostering a lively gaming community. With passion and creativity, our Tripsoft is always open to receiving feedback from players and continuing to develop to bring amazing games to the global gaming community.


Address: B12B-03 Urban Functional Area, Green City, Cau Dien Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
Email: or
Hotline: 0393677777 or 0828888888

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